X-Spouse Has Anger Issues


Xspouse has anger issues with yelling, threating and some times throwing things. The last incident, I told X to get counseling. When it was time for X’s visitation with child, X had not obtained counseling so I told X no visitation until obtained counseling. If we ever went to court, it would be he said - she said, unless child was brought into courtroom, which we would not want. Any thoughts on how to deal with this situation and/or documenting this issue.


My advice would be to start keeping a journal and write down anything the child says about what is going on with x.

It would good to have a professional talk with your child because if you ever go to court having a counselors feedback could be beneficial…then it would not be just a he said she said situation.

Word to the wise…if you have a visitation schedule in place and you do not let the child go during that scheduled time, your x could take you to court and you could be found in contempt for not following the schedule. Really the judge is the only one who can say that a visitation should not be allowed until your ex gets counseling for anger issues. I know it sucks when all you want to do is protect your child but that is the way it works. To bring that to court you would need to do a modifciation of custody/visitation to have those issues addressed with the court.