My x will not follow court orders

In our modification papers we have a paragraph in there tha"each parent is to be considerate and workable when the other parent has special activities going on with their family such as baptisims,special anniversaries,wedding,births,graduations etc". My X will never let me get my children for anything on her time. They’ve missed my nephews graduation at church, my 13yr old nephew preaching at church for the 1st time,homecoming at church and the list goes on…is there anything I can do? Or is this paragraph too broad? She never wants to switch weekends with me or never works around her schedule for anything for the kids. I am the primary caregiver, I pay for everything and get not childsupport. If they have practice on one of her nights I have to switch with her b/c she won’t take them. I feel blessed b/c they are with my and my wife and their little brother and are out of the bad situations she puts them in but I also feel like I keep getting the short end of the stick. I am TRULY looking out for what’s best for them and she continues to be very selfish and only does what’s convenient for her. Should I take her back to court? I try talking to her but it does NO good.

You may take her to court by filing a motion to hold her in contempt for beign non cooperative regarding family activities.