Sports and the Ex

My ex and I went to court a few months ago. I had my son more than her(everyday actually) but we had no money to fight so we ended up settling with her having him and me getting him every other weekend. My issue is that now she has went and signed him up for soccer. We live 30 minutes away. Got an email from her attorney stating that either we take him when we have him or we are going back to court. We already lost most of our time with him. We cram all of our activities into two days every other weekend. Is this something she can force me to do? Our case closed in February from the last time she flew off and took me to court. I have 3 other children and after taking him to these soccer games the whole day will be wasted when we want to do things with a family.

Unless your court order specifically addresses extracurricular activities, I doubt that you can be held in contempt, but I prefer my court orders to say that neither party will sign the child up for an activity during the other parent’s custodial time without his/her express permission so that this doesn’t become an issue. You may be able to file a motion in the cause for clarification.