Controlling ex spouse


I have an ex that has to be in control of everything. He is now trying to keep our son from playing sports. Our consent order states that we both have to agree but he has played with this team since he was very small and loves playing. He is with his father and new step-family every other weekend. My son loves to play and this will really upset him to not be able to play. What can I do to assure that my child can continue to be able to participate. It seems that his father is trying alienate him from all of the things he loves and replace it with only things that the new wife and her children want to do. The new wife is very controlling and spoiled and does not want to have her weekends interrupted. My son has played sports since he was little and his father was in favor of this until he remarried. I have to sign him up soon or he will miss out. What do I do??? Am I going to have to go to court to ask permission for my son to play sports???


You may file a motion for judicial assistance and ask the court to help you with this issue, however judges sometimes hesitate to rule that a child can participate in activities that take place during the other parent’s time.


Depending on the amount of time you have custody of your son, you could sign him up for the activity and he could participate on the days that you have him. I know that is not the same as 100% participation, but it is better than nothing. Or it may very well be possible that the judge would order your ex-spouse to continue the child’s life as the child has lived it. In my case, I was ordered indirectly to take my child to a week long out of town tennis tournament on my custodial time with expenses coming out of my pocket.