We can never agree


I share joint physical and legal custody of my children with my ex, and we have a consent order stating that we are responsible for making joint decisions for medical, schooling and extra-curricular matters, and the parent with custody of the children shall make day-to-day decisions.

Here’s the problem. We cannot agree on anything. My ex is oppositional and confrontational. There is disagreement on every topic regardless of how minor.

My order states the “the Court regainds jurisdiction over the parties and of the subject matter herein for purposes of modifications and/or enforcement of the terms and provisions of this Order.”

So… I’d like to sign up the kids for basketball this winter. In order to get aggreement from my ex, I’ll have to file a motion to have it Court odered. Seriously, it is ridiculous.

What can I do? I would like to be able to reach simple decisions without an act of God.


I would suggest you file a motion for judicial assistance, and perhaps move the court to appoint a parent coordinator to assist you with these issues.