Child refusing visitation

About 5 months ago I was in the car with my husband and his daughter who is 14 was behaving horribly. I tried to talk to her about it and I was reprimanding her for her disrespectful attitude and she dialed her mother on her cell phone so she could hear our conversation. I will admit during the conversation I cursed 3 times. I did not curse at her I used the words more as adjectives than anything else. She then handed me her cell phone and said her mother wanted to speak to me. Her mother and I discussed what had happened and she asked us to bring her home. I apologized to her immediately and we dropped her off. I have not spoken to her since that time. My husband argued with her and her mother about every issue on the planet for several weeks after that and she has since refused to come back to our house and has only seen her father 3 times since then. She has a facebook page that she has blocked her father from and every time he tries to make plans with her she makes excuses not to see him or she picks fights with him. This is very stressful on everyone involved.
We do not have the money to hire an attorney nor do I think going to court will help because even if they order her to visit with her father no one in this area will enforce it.
I am just at a loss. Any advise you could give us would help. I am afraid because of me he is losing her forever.

If there is a court order in place outlining visitation you may file a motion to have the mother held in contempt of the order for not making the child available for visitation.