Abusive Child

I really need some advice on this as I am totally lost. My husband’s daughter is 14 and although this is not the first time this has happened it is by far the worst. Anytime the child becomes angry with her father for something her mother backs her up. She posts terrible messages on his facebook and they call my home and scream at him on the phone. The child’s mother allows her to use bad language, be condescending and speak to him as if he were a dog. My husband is lost. The entire time this is happening the mother is in the background laughing about it. She has told him, she doesn’t need him that her mother and step father provide her with everything she needs and that she will not be coming over for visitation this coming weekend and doesn’t know if she will ever come back for visitation again. I have though of contacting Child Protective Services as I feel this is almost abuse on the part of the mother. Any advise you can give me would be helpful.

I would suggest that you have your husband contact Child Protective Services, and he may also want to consider filing a motion to modify custody, and to seek and Order requiring the child to receive counseling.

thank you Erin. I contacted child protective services and they said it’s not abuse on her part it’s just bad parenting. I am considering contacting an attorney it’s just very expensive.