Ex disrespectful to children

We have separated and my ex husband has visitation with our 2 girls, both under age 10 (ages 8 and 9) some weekends. The older one has brought up that it really makes her feel bad that her dad gets mad and cusses at her , like for instance, when she said her pizza was too hot to pick up he said in ugly tone “cut the damn pizza!” She said he uses bad words a lot, not always directly at them- sometimes 10 times a day and it makes her feel really bad. I understand because this is a reason we split/ he was emotionally abusive person and gets sngry over the smallest things, talks very ugly to you or around you. He would get mad if I asked him not to curse in front of the children. He has called me a bitch in front of them, things like that. This last visit, he spanked/hit my daughter so hard it left red marks on her back. He has done things like this in the past and I thought he wouldn’t leave marks ever again, and I’m so tired of my children having to deal with such a father. This is the main reason we split was his temper. He has documented anger management issues. My older daughter never wants to stay with him. Is there any chance I could go to court and ask that he get no or very limited visitation? I can I stand to see my children suffer this way when they are with him. If he could treat them right I want them to be with him, but not like this. My attorney has said in the past I had no case but that was before these two things came up ( he had spanked and left marks several times in years past but not recently until this week) I hope to see my attorney this week- if he says I Cant do anything should I change attorneys? What can I do to protect my children? My ex has no control when he gets mad. I am scared for my children, not just physical but also emotional abuse. Please help me!

Your recourse is to file a motion to modify custody to seek to have his custodial time limited.