Spirit of the contract...is there such a thing?

when my xwife and I divorced, i agreed to pay for piano and karate lessons that my daughter was taking at the time. It’s specified in the divorce agreement. Shortly after the divorce, she quit both activities. A few months went by and she took up dance. Am I compelled to pay for this now?

I guess in other words, what is enforceable, the letter of the agreement or the “spirit” of the agreement?

Personally, Im opposed to the dancing because it is hip-hop dance. I said before, I don’t mind paying my fair share,…but now it seems “fair” has nothing to do with it.

I thought Slavery was abolished by the 13th ammendment, but darn I sure feel like a slave, sometimes!


The terms of the agreement are enforceable as written. So long as the agreement does not state that you will pay for all extracurricular activities you are not under a specific obligation to do so.