Spouse alimony

We are in a situation where we have been married 29 years but we have been living separately for over 6 years. I cannot afford to give her half of what I make. I am currently working 3 jobs and paying college tuition for 2 kids and I cannot afford to pay her everything to. She lost her last job over 6 years ago and thinks I owe her now so she will not work. I know it is solely because she wants every penny she can. I do not want to be unfair. I know I have a responsibility but I feel she does too. I told her that if she can get a job and get on her own two feet and start her life, then I will make up the difference so that we are living on an equal amount of income. I do not want to work 3 jobs. Also on average, how many years do I need to give her alimony. I am so tired of this and just want to move on with my life but I feel like I am prison waiting for her to start taking responsibility for herself.

Thank you

Not a lawyer

Alimony is typically half the years of your marriage.

The court takes a lot of information into consideration when determining the amount of alimony including 16 factors. You can look at our alimony calculator for more information. The duration of alimony will also be determined based on the factors, but half of the length of the marriage has become typical.