Spouse answering craigslist ads

I discovered on my husbands cell phone he had been answering casual encounters ads for MEN. I want him out of the house. What can I do? He is acting like they werent his text messages, he is a pathological liar about everything. Been married to him for over 20 years.

You may want to consider hiring a private investigator. If your husband has committed an act or acts of illicit sexual behavior, alimony will be affected in that either you shall be awarded alimony from him or you will not have to pay him alimony depending on who is the supporting spouse and who is the dependent spouse.

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If possible, you should try to document the messages that you discovered.

You should also talk to your husband about separation, where one of you will move out of the marital home with the intent to remain separate and apart, as well as about the division of assets, debt and income, and any issues surrounding minor children and child support.

He will not move out. He is ignoring me and wont talk to me at all :confused: He is acting like nothing has happened. I also think he is seeing a girl on the side. If I get a pic of his truck in her driveway will that help my case? I think he stops to see her on his way to work early in the mornings. I want him to leave sooo badly. He is very uncooperative. He wants his cake and eat it too no doubt. I am feeling really taken advantage of here…

Obtaining a picture of your husband’s truck in a suspected girlfriend’s driveway will help, but you will need more evidence. Illicit acts of sexual behavior (a form of marital misconduct) is proven by opportunity and inclination, which can be difficult to prove.

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