I need help

Hi Maryann.
I just wanted to let you know that I am in the same situation. My husband accused me of being irresponsible with the credit cards, etc. He swore that there was no one else. On the advice of an attorney I hired a Private Investigator. I discovered that he was having an affair, which is still going on. I would advise you if you can to do the same. If you can’t hire a detective, do some sleuthing yourself. See if you can find phone records, crdit card receipts or notes to or from her. Good luck! I hope you nail him!!!


I’m in the same boat. I followed the clues and found a recipt for a ring bought 12/31 in our van which he has been driving. I went to the store and found the exact same ring, got statements, took pictures and asked him who the ring was for. He said him. In the van he had a seperate checking account with entries of eating out - for 2 people, so instead of feeding his children,he has been feeding this other woman. I caught them at her house and he said he was just watching a movie, then called me in the middle of the night wanting to come over “he desired to be with me” YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

He lied about it all…I just know it.
save u money and do it youself.

Hey Ted33,
I know…don’t they just make you sick?!! Mine didn’t pay a penny for our children’s Christmas, but he took his girlfriend to Florida for New Years! Every time he comes to pick up the children for “Daddy time” he wants to hug me. I hope Maryann gets the goods on him.

I’d like to have an answer to the legal questions. Can I sue him and her for alienation of affection?

Hi Mayann,
You can sue her for alienation of affection or criminal conversation (adultery) if you can prove it. Go to the Home page of this web site and type in alienation of affection in the SEARCH box. There is some g
ood information there. If you decide to sue her you should move quickly becuase the vote to abolish this type of lawsuit will be voted on by the NC Senate in May of this year.

Dear Maryann:

Greetings. Yes, you may be able to sue the woman from New York for alienation of affections, if you can find a tie to North Carolina. You may need more than telephone calls. You will need proof that your marriage is a good one, full of love, and that the woman in New York actively sought to destroy your marriage. You should hire a private investigator.

You cannot sue him for alienation of affections, but fault is a factor in alimony. Best of luck.

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Attorney at Law
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My husband just told me that he wants a divorce. He says its because I am finacially irresponsible but I believe that he is having an affair with a women in New York. He travels to New York regularly on business. Can I sue him and her for aleination of affection? I don’t know if she has ever been to North Carolina but I know that she calls him all the time. He won’t admit what is going on but I just know it in my gutt.