Alienation of Affection

I forgot to add can I have crimminal conversation charged against my husband? When he went to her we were still living together and slept in the same bed and had a very loving relationship, vacations, very normal stuff until he said he needed space…which was after they were doing this for 2 years already…he came back home 2 times and we tried…but she continued to interfer…until I found out about it all. He has bought and paid for everything also airfare, hotels , gifts, took money (his bonuses, advances on his vacation) to pay for these things and no I did not know about anything. I feel so used and even after I found out he still told me he did not know what he wanted…He spent a lot of time with me we had sex…dinners…fun…even after we were separated. He asked me repeatedly to not give up on him. it was only after last year did he decide that he wanted a divorce…and I had to sell our home and it’s just so hurtful…she has called me and said cruel things to me and now he is afraid I will tell her family about him not being divorced and us still sleeping together. So yes he lies to het also. I are fileing soon…I have a divorce attorney and the agreement is almost finished. What can I do?

He still even now when we talk says love you when we get off the phone in the evening. I have stubs from airline tickets, I have other people including our children as proof and she nor he has denied anything they ahve done…they do not know I am looking into this. i have police reports with my husband admitting he has a girlfriend in Canada with her name on them also…he got so mad because I threw a fit when I saw them on-line together again one evening after he came home to reconcile with me and he hit me…I had to go to the hospital because of it and after that I did get an OP then against him. I have cards, emails even after we were separated with him tellingme how much he loved me and please not give up on him. Can I have a lawyer get further evidence against them if I need it? Please I need advise…can anyone help me?

Dear Miss sassy:

Greetings. In North Carolina (ie. if you lived here) you would have a case. However you should consult immediately with an attorney in Illinois. There may be better legal remedies for you immediately in Illinois. Good luck.

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I am going through some really hard times. My soon to be ex-husband and his mistress have been cruel. My husband met this woman on line, she lives in Canada…we live in IL. She knew he was married but it did not matter…this went on for two years…he went there to see her and lied to her family saying he was divorced…which no he was not…so she would not be humiliated. She then came here to the states stayed in hotels with him and flaunted herself in front of our family and friends at parties and such. they did not care what they were doing to me. She shows no remorse for her malicious actions. I have suffered extreme emotional distress and I still am…I have multiple scerosis and it has affected my physical status also. Do I have a case for alienation of affection? I am not seeling revenge at all…but justice for everything I had and have to go through. There is more she has done…but to much to list here…what can I do?