SSI disparity and divorce


My spouse and I have been separated for four years. She has consistently out-earned me over the course of our 25+ years together, therefore, she will receive SSI benefits almost three times of what I anticipate based on current statements. We are both 54 - so we are about 10 years from normal retirement age. Assuming we both draw our benefits at 65, stay unmarried and live to 85, if one does the math she will make approximately $3000,000 more than me over that time. Is it customary in NC to make some sort of concession to the lower earning spouse in this instance? Most of my lower income was due to relocating 4 times for her job, staying home to take care of the children when they were young, and working to take care of rental properties we purchased - which was good for our incomes, but not my social security benefits. I was hoping I could ask for additonal assets, perhaps based on what an annuity would cost to make up some of the difference, in our settlement. I am looking for any suggestions on the best way to go about this, if it is even possible.


Future retirement benefits can be taken into consideration as a factor for equitable distribution purposes.