Standard of living

What is considered “standard of living”? I have a list, would this be accurate in calculating?

I live in the house, mortgage is $850 spouse pays it, and payed everything up till now. Everything was…
Electric bill, car insurance, car payment, home alarm, phone, internet,cable, groceries, and personal grooming expences of $70 a month. And some other expences I did not include. I thought these things would be rejected by a judge -manicure,pedicure,spa, credit cards that he gave me for spending and travel expences for ministry work.
18 years @ separation, married 19 years, 21 yrs total together. Kids are grown.

What do I calculate that is reasonable?

What is reasonable varies from family to family. It’s based on income and expenses. Most people cannot afford the same standard of living separate as they do together, but you also shouldn’t have to give up the lifestyle to which you have grown accustomed completely.

I am curious if this applies to only long term marriage. I had a 6 1/2 yr marriage and it doesn’t appear that I will be given my standard of living as a consideration.

No, alimony and post-separation support can be received for shorter term marriages.