Stbx is trying to move on while being still married


my stx has been texting and calling another female. talking for 2+hrs up to midnight… we are still married. we live under the same roof but not sleeping together, says he is trying to move on… but he will not agree to the SA terms… guess we will have to live like this forever! he says he does not consider himself married… told him he is very married till we seperate again.and the sa is signed


If your is having a sexual relationship with this woman he is guilty of adultery, and since you are still living together, you may have a cause of action against this woman for alienation of affection, and or criminal conversation.

There are several threads regarding these topics on the forum, as well as articles on the site which you may find helpful.


There is no sex between them , they just talk on the phone and text each ohther , My STbX and I are living under the same roof but we are not sleeping together…


Sex between the parties is not necessary to peruse a claim for alienation of affection.