Stolen myspace and email accounts


These communications would probably not be relevant for your custody hearing. If the are relevant, they can only be used if he did obtain them in violation of the law. If he intercepted your emails, or used spyware to get your password, then these communications were intercepted in violation of the law.

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I’m dealing with a custody issue that could get nasty…what I’m wanting to know is…my ex hacked into my email and myspace accounts, made copies of several emails and messages and I’m wondering…can he use these against me in a custody hearing? These are private messages between my and my boyfriend, they were stolen, can they even be used? if so, how bad would this be for me?


First of all report abuse on your myspace account, then delete your profile and start up a new one. as people has said, maintain everything that he say or do. EVERYTHING. this guy sounds like he has a serious mental problem. maybe it is possible that you could go to the mental health dept. and ask them what you should do. outside of going upside his dome , at this point poison i am a lost for words. violent behavior is not the solution. maintain your character and fight through this ordeal, do not let him get you caught up, that is what he is trying to do. stay strong and ask God for help, stay focused. im sorry that you have to go through this type of drama with your kids, call the domestic violence hotline and ask them for some ideas also.


I just learned from my own attorney, that;

  1. if 1 thing was obtained illegally, the judges will usually not except anything because they wonder what was unlawful and what was lawfully obtained.

  2. reporting them may not provide you with a criminal proceeding, but it does leave a paper trail some sites like facebook promise to boot the person under their TOS but this doesn’t usually happen, although I do know they haved warned users before.

Play fair and don’t stoop to the same level I have an ex that did the same things and still follows me online a year later even though he is the one “playing” online and obsessed. I’ve also been accused publicly on facebook and yearbook of breaking into his accounts which I have never done. And supposedly these “account breakins” have been recorded.

Funny, the police haven’t been at my door and what I have been slandered about doing is a crime! It all works out eventually.