Summary Judgement

Through a long haul and guidance from Rosen Law, I am FINALLY near the end~
I got a letter stating a July 10th court date for summary judgement divorce in Wake County. Everything is agreed upon, SA in place, waiting on Divorce to get QDRO. Do I need further representation next friday?

You certainly can represent yourself at the divorce hearing. What happens at the motion for summary judgement hearing is that the judge will review the paperwork you have submitted and filed and make sure you have complied with all of the rules for filing (provided time for answer, motion for hearing, etc.). If everything has been done correctly, she will grant your divorce. If not, you’ll have to fix what is wrong and re-calendar the divorce hearing.

If you have done everything yourself so far, there is no need for you to have an attorney simply represent you at your motion for summary judgment hearing.