Suporrt Modification/Juristiction

Hello–Interesting case on my hand:

My ex has custody of our 17 year old daughter. At the time of the divorce, we lived in MS and have a divorce agreement filed there. According to that agreement:

I pay $280 in CS–in the agreement
I pay $150 for her medical insurance.—in the agreement
Additional I also pay for her cell phone and half of her car insurance.–not in the agreement

The agreement also says that I will pay CS until she reaches 21.

Since then, my ex has moved to NC with our daughter and has been remarried for at least 10 years or so.

I would like to end child support after my daughter graduates from HS next year.
I know if I bring this up and try to discuss with my ex she will most likely go nuts and start all kinds of drama.

I have no idea what my ex now makes, or what her husband makes($) but I am sure that combined they most likely make as much as I do–probably more.

I have never been late with CS or health insurance.

Since they have lived in NC for more than 10 years, would NC law of ending CS at 18 control the issue since neither of us live in MS anymore? I have not lived there for more than 10 years either.


If your child support award is discussed in an agreement, rather than a court order, you have the ability to actually initiate a child support action at any time. Any new court order would nullify the child support portions of your agreement. Because the child has lived here for at least 6 months, you can bring the action in North Carolina. A North Carolina judge will not have the ability to order child support last past the age of 18.