Support rights


I am separating from my husband and we are doing joint custody for the kids. We discuss sharing the expenses of the children 50/50. So I pay the medical, dental, vision and private school tuition currently. He does not want to pay for any of this. What are my rights. We agree on everything else except this issue. I am wanting to get this separation agreement over with. If we do an separation agreement with no mention of shared expenses. What are my legal right to make him pay his half if he does not want to. We will have the children the same amount of time. He has no fixed expenses that he pays on behalf of the kids.


If he isn’t providing enough support for the children, you can file a motion for child support. To get an idea of what the support obligation would be, feel free to use our child support calculator. Private school tuition is not addressed by the guidelines, but you can always seek a deviation from the guidelines based on the fact that the children attend private school.

If he simply refuses to pay child related expenses, there is nothing you can do to force him to do so, unless you file for child support.