Temp. CO Violations

My ex-spouse and I have been living with a Temporary custody order for the past 3 years. Which seems unusually long and there still isn’t on the court calendar for this year or next. Is this wait normal? My ex has physical custody and has violated the order approximately 15 times. I have filed a motion and we have a court date later this year. What should I realisticlly expect the court to do to her? I already think she will only get a slap on the wrist and be told not to violate the order again. I want physical custody of our child. Based upon her numerous violations of the court order can I request a change in custody without the permanent custody being resolved? Do I have to file for sanctions to be placed against her for the violations?


If you want the court to hear the issue of permanent custody, you have to calendar it. You should attempt to calendar the permanent child custody hearing on the same day as your hearing on contempt so that all the issues are resolved.