Temp/non-prejudical custody


I spoke with my attorny which says I have a 80% chance of winning primary care giver of my 2 children from my ex wife. My court date is the beginning of September. I now found that she is offering temp/non-prejudical custody order until November (1 semester of school),flipping our custody schedules. My question is…with it being so close to our original court date and with me having such a high % of winning, what should I do? Should I continue with the Sept court date or put things off till November? We are REALLY ready to have closure. Why do you think she is doing this? I really don’t think she has the $$$ to go to trial. Do you think this is the reason? I’m very confused.


If your spouse is offering you a “trial period” as primary custodian you should take it. It will allow you the opportunity to present evidence at trial as to how the children do when they are with you on a more full time basis.