Termination of parental rights


How awful. My guess is that you will have to be the ugly one in this and tell him that unless he wants to own up to the responsibility, you are not required to help him at all. You know, this is what aggravates me–if he’s so interested in seeing his kids, then why can’t he be a man and pay for his responsibilities?? Anyone can be a benefactor with someone else’s money. It takes a man to say Yes, these are my kids and it’s my DUTY to support them. Your feelings of guilt which would stem from keeping him away from his children are what he is COUNTING ON.


Dear jenn1978:

Greetings. I honestly don’t know the answer to this. I will try to look this up and get back to you. My first impression is that you cannot reinstate them, unless he wants to reinstate them. Thank you.

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My ex-husband terminated his parental rights about 4 years ago. I agreed to this because he always said that if I took him to court for child support that he would take it out on the kids and take them as much as he could even though he did not want them and let them stay with people in his family just so that they would be with me less. At this time his lifestyle was not suitable for my children to be around. He went months and months at a time and never would call. Now my children are 9 and 10 years old. Their father has a better lifestyle and is married with more children. My 10 year old daughter has asked to see her father and her brothers and sisters. I felt like I had to let her see him and the children because she asked me and I feel like she is old enough to know if she wants to see him. Both of my children are seeing him now and he is doing really well with them. Is there anyway that I could petition to reinstate his parental rights and get child support since he is seeing the children now. I did agree to have his rights terminated only because I did not want to see my children dragged around and having to suffer just because I made him pay child support. I know there is probaly nothing I can do, but I thought that it would not hurt to ask…