Text messages

How can you get those entered in as evidence? I have literally a couple dozen of them. One attorney I talked to told me to email them to myself, but they lose the date, time stamp and sender when I do this. They are not stored on the phone companies’ servers, either. They are just on my phone. CAN they be used?

Yes you can use the phone to show the messages in court.

Excellent. Would it help to also email it to myself, have it printed out, and then show the text message as well. I’m just wondering if it would make viewing easier–read it in larger font, glance at the smaller, harder to read text message to check for accuracy?

And the sender is not an issue? Like with email, it must be authenticated. Seems counterintuitive, because anyone could get their hands on someone else’s phone and send a message, but not necessarily or even nearly as easy with email. Just checking . . .

Thank you.

Just use the phone, it makes the process simple and will take less time.
As with anything else, the judge determines how much weight to give each piece of evidence, and which version of the facts he or she believes to be true.