Thanks for no help


I think they are all on vacation


This is a forum where attorneys do a free service to us out of the goodness of their hearts. How can you get attitude because you didn’t get a response. Ever think that maybe it got over looked by mistake? Or maybe they are busy with their paying clients… Instead of attitude and hatefulness perhaps you should consider re-posting your question and then realize that it may take a while to get a response. And if you don’t get one…They are not obligated to you or anyone else here.


i just get so frustrated at times…but its all good…i got a lawyer now…cant really afford it but i got it…


i took the last 3 months tryin to figure out how to file visitations on my own since i cant afford a lawyer …and there are some steps i need to take if she contests it but there are steps i have to take if she doesnt contest it …it would be nice to know what i have to do …i mean i thought this was a attorneys will respond forum…guess i was wrong …