This can't be normal


Unfortunately, this is exactly what I’ve been going through for almost 3 years. My ex wife’s attorney has evidently gone to the same law school your ex’s went to, because the same tactics are being used. There will be “extensions for time”, not returning phone calls, etc. This is my 3rd lawyer, and finally I have one who seems to understand my needs as far as getting this over. Litigation is a hard road to travel, but one that needs to be followed after all other options are tried. I’m still looking at another 3 to 4 months, and that’s conservative. My lawyer seems to “file” motions, giving her attorney just enough time to prepare, but not leaving dates open. Just have faith that this will turn out ok.


In June of 2003 I told my spouse I wanted a divorce. I hired an attorney, which I fired 2 months later because he wouldn’t move on the case. In September, I hired my present attorney. Spouse had not at that time retained an attorney.

In January of this year I filed for Divorce from Bed and Board. At that point spouse still did not have an attorney.

Spouse finally “retained” an attorney in February. Her attorney continues with one stall tactic after another. Requesting documents which I responded to in March. Asking for extensions. Asking for a jury trial.

The first court date on Divorce from Bed and Board was July 27 which was “held open”.

It’s now August and I don’t even have a separation agreement. She has been out of the house 50 of 51 days (28 consectutive). Over a 561 day period she has stayed out all night 92 times. I keep hearing and reading about “condoning behavior” which is a ridiculous excuse in my opinion. She is living as she pleases, and riding the stall tactics of her lawyer. In the meantime she says she has no money and no job.

I maintain a full time job, a home and all the expenses, and try to raise two teenagers without any involvment from the spouse.

I want this done and my life to continue. I’m angry, frustrated, and becoming extremely impatient.