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It sounds to me like you’re in a real pickle, being on lawyer No. 2, and still getting nowhere. I have no legal advice, but if I were you, I would want to see an letters, court papers, whatever BEFORE they were mailed or filed.

My attorney took it upon himself to use a document I possessed to poke some fun at opposing counsel, without my knowledge. I don’t approve of such tactics. Then he promised opposing counsel that I would provide them with certain documents, but failed to inform me of that fact. This “mistake” almost put me in court for “dragging my feet and failing to cooperate”. After that, we had a little sit down “discussion”, and now are on the same page.

Maybe you need to make it clear to your attorney who is paying his bills. Be sure to mention that you aren’t to be billed for time spent correcting his mistakes.



Thanks yes it is a pickle A real sour pickle …

Divorce from hell


Dear DaleET:

Greetings. My suggestion is first, to have a meeting with your current attorney and let him know EXACTLY what you expect and when you expect it. Next, if he fails to complete the first three (3) expectations within the time frame you both agree upon, retain another attorney. Best of luck.

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Not sure what to do , I filed for bed and bordem DIV Dec 2003 that was regected by the court and my attonry withdrew the motion my ex attorny filed for PSS,ALIMONY and ED and the judge ruled I pay 125.00 a month meanwhile my ex pays nothing while I care for the child and all marital debt and she won’t settle for anything.
I asked for child support and custody and it was never filed by my attorney until middle of Nov then my attorny filed me as the defendant and as it was my wife who requested the motion then on top of that it’s full of error’s I have a court order from another state for custody that is not mentioned in this eaither and my ex just got served with this fubar motion and whats to push for more Alimony . Any suggestions

Divorce from hell