When will the roller coaster ride come to an end?

Dear babyluvs1958:

Greetings. You are definitely in a hard spot. My advice, which you will not like hearing, is that you need to file a post separation support and alimony action, along with a child support action. Even after you file, you will wait. There is no “quick fix.” I hate to tell you bad news, but best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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Ever since my husband of 17 years decided to move into his g/f’s house with her after a year of already leading a double life with her and than coming home to the kids and I…Had a lawyer that when he wanted something done all he had to do was call him up and have it done…But not have that lawyer signed on…November 18th my husband wanted me to meet him at the lawyer he had on call for him so we could sign seperation papers…I know that I did not have to go cause it was him and his lawyer against me to sign possibly what I did not agree on. So ever since than husband has been holding back money from the kids and I am a way to punish us…And let me tell you he sure is really hurting not me but the kids and on what feeling they had for him…So in that time he stopped paying bills here cause he was told by the on call lawyer he had seein I dod not show November 18th to sign papers husband claims his lawyer told him he did not have to pay any money’s to the kids or I…So in that time I have received a judgement that he failed to pay on that bill for 3 months, Electric that his g/f threatened to have shut off on the kids and I while the kids were sick. And the realator threatening to evict the kids and I if we did not have the rent paid in 3 days. But yet the husband and his g/f I bet are all set for Christmas when the husband will not give his own kids money to buy and have Christmas…He claims he will give money one minute and than turns around denieing he promised…
I rate partial of his retirement, alimont and child support…And now I know he is going to do this is he is going to hold money as a puinishment again if I do not take his name off the lease…I have told him Money first and than name off lease…But I know him he is a passive lair, and can not be trusted…
Oh and as far as Social Services go in and do paper work and than than have to wait 45 days later IF I am approved to get that…When the kids and I need it NOW not 45 days later…And than when I finally do get the money the husband owes the kids and I Social Services will take that all away from me and only allow me $200 a month and $276. for child support…Now how am I to pay the bills??? Bill collectors do not stop wanting money cause I am having a ruff time…Pleaseeee but yet we can send people to the moon and can send things we need here at home to other parts of the country to give to them before our own…I am getting sick of husband wanting it all his way or no way…