My husband abondon us

I can not help you. But I do know your pain. For, I feel like I have hit rock bottom most days. But can say just hold on, a change has to be coming.

yeah, a change is coming. When, where, and how no one can tell you. I myself feel your pain as well. My wife just left me back in Oct. No real reason. I myself was happy with our marriage and thought she was too. Then she just called me up from her work and told me that she didn’t wanna come home. Less than a week later. She had a guy in his early 40’s for a boyfriend. Which now they live in a trailer park together. Just as if they’ve been married all along. we were together for 6 years and married 3.5 of those. And just to let you know the importance of age for her boyfriend. I’m 24 and she was 23. I can’t explain what went wrong and when. I never ever imagined her leaving me. And I still can’t imagine living life w/o her. Just take it day by day. All you can do. And try not to worry too much. Worrying doesn’t solve any thing. It only adds to the problems you already have. Although that is easier said than done. Good luck with your situation.

Dear Dixierose:

Greetings. Aren’t our forum members great? They really feel your pain and are so much support. I believe that you need to find the funds to retain an attorney, even if that means charging the fee to a credit card, equity line, or borrowing funds from your family.

I would also advise you that you have the ability to go to the NC Child Support Collection Agency for assistance. Best of luck!

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I thought we had a happy marriage. We didn’t fight, we were able to talk things out. Then last oct. he tells me he has man problems and moves in with me best friend and her three kids. Now they have a checking account toghter and are actted as if thry were married. I was working for his family, so I lost my job when he left. I’m trying to find a job, but its hard. He only gives me $40.00 an week to live off of. We have two children together and I have two for another marriage. We have been married for 6 years. I don’t have the money for a lawyer, so what can I do.

Jamena McMillan