You have mine LOL , I can almost laugh now anyways after 3 years of living H$%L and frustration.
What I learned only after it was too late and would recommend to anyone when dealing with attorneys. This is not legal advice just some food for thought to deal with attorneys
(no Offense to any attorneys here)

  1. Write your questions to them give a reasonable response time say 7 days.
    Be formal short and too the point one question at a time labeled 1,2,3,etc

  2. Send everything to them certified mail return reciept requested.

3.Date the letter

4.Address them respectfully and formally

When they do not respond in the specified time frame write again another letter stating your concerns in thier lack of response and appriciate a response immediatly (ENCLOSE THE FIRST LETTER)
This time shorten the time frame for response say 3 days and hand deliver.

  1. When they do not respond this time or they do with incomplete puzzling answers and accusations. Send another letter to them for claification .

6.Get a three ring binder and build your letters and responses and certified mail reciepts showing your communication attempts blundering information and your frustration together BE ORGANIZED WITH ALL MATTERS and when it gets the size of websters dictionary.

  1. Speak with the NC BAR mention to the attorney in writing you spoke to them after that you should get responses in a timly manner after that and clairification to your question.

  2. Understand you will get billed for thier time writing the responses to you but, you also will get answers and something to hold the feet to the fire which is what I lacked in my case.

  3. Understand Attorneys have many cases but it also appears frustration is why so many cases get settled out of court.

As I stated I learned this the hard way after I consented not once but a few more times LOL and his bills continue to come in. I would not allow him to represent me on a modification nor would I ever get divorced in NC again Heck, I won’t ever get married after this (unless she has a better truck and boat than I do that is !!:slight_smile:

I forgot to mention this When in Rome do as Romans, Geuss what we who seek attorneys go to Rome and this is how they communicate and so should we common people if we want anything more than “she said, he said situations” Yes, I learned this the hard way …

Disbelief in the system

Dear chomedr2002:

Greetings. Let’s see what I can answer:

  1. You can talk to the attorney, send him a letter, and talk to the State Bar. You can also hire another attorney.

  2. You may be able to deviate from the child support guidelines, but I doubt that would be the case. Child support first, everything else second is the way that I believe the law looks at this obligation. Thank you.

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I have two questions. One is about my attorney. Since he took my case he has been nothing but slack on pretty much all matters. When we talked about the case I gave him a ton of good information for the case but he didn