Threatening Voicemail

I got married on July 6 and that night received a call from my ex wife. I ignored it and she left a voicemail stating that I could get a new life with my “whore” but she was going to find a way to get me and was going to “put me in the ground” along with various other threats. It was extremely vulgar. My question is, is this enough to get a restraining order against her calling me? Or file harrassment charges? There is a non-harrassment clause in our separation agreement. I have already changed my cell phone number once to avoid these calls but had to give my new phone number to my teenagers and some friends so she got it again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You could seek a 50B. Whether or not to grant it would be the judge’s decision. I’d probably leave one phone call alone.

Please, tell me in detail about this rule of law… I wasn’t read this… I’m also in same field…

You can read the domestic violence statute here:

This should give you an understanding about what is necessary to bring an action for a protective order. If you have specific questions regarding your fact pattern, I’ll be happy to respond.