Time Frame for Simple Uncontested Divorce

I"m a little confused. I’ve read what I believe to be conflicting statements on this topic. My question:

30 days after divorce papers have been served, is it as simple as going to the clerk of courts office to have the final divorce completed at that time. I’ve read some sources that indicated that after 30 days you have to go and have a hearing in front of a judge scheduled (which is at least another 10 days out). But, other sources indicate that at the conclusion of 30 days post-service you can go to the clerk of courts office and have the divorce finalized. Can someone clarify this for me?


There are three ways you can get a divorce entered, and the use of these three ways varies from county to county. You can either get a clerk’s divorce granted based on a motion for default, you can do a live divorce hearing where you calendar the hearing (5 days notice to the other party), or you can file a motion for summary judgment which also requires a hearing and 10 days notice.