Time limit

It is my understanding that the statute of limitations is 3 years, but you may have another problem…

If I am not mistaken, the NC Supreme Court struck down a case that involved an NC resident and a NON-NC resident. So I believe that if she (your husband’s first love) is not a NC resident then you will not be able to bring a claim against her. I would DEFINITELY check with your lawyer though!!

Hope that helps.

What is the time limit on an AOA case. My husband left me last Feb 2003 for his firt love of 32 yeas ago. I do not want a divorce I still love him all though he says he has not loved me since 6 months into our marriage in 3/1997. She contacted him and persued him and I have tapes of her telling me all this plus all that they have done since he left. He is in Pa. with her and I plan to hit her with a AOA, but need to know the time limit. Thanks for your help.