Time period revelance for support?


My husband left like he was going to work last Friday morning but a couple of hours later he was back with a load of packing boxes, movers and separation papers. It was totally out of the blue. He had been telling me he loved me and he wanted the marriage to work out although he has been very abusive for many months. I asked him why he was leaving and he said because he wants his freedom.

We’ve been married 2 years and 8 months but he has lived with me for another 8 months. He moved in my house that I had already paid for. He makes over 4 times what I make and I depend on some support from him.

He told me we had not been married long enough for me to get anything.

Is there a certain length of time you have to be married in order to qualify for support?


Not sure how long a marriage must be to qualify for support, however most support is half the length of the marriage. You’d only be looking at around less than 1.5 years of support.


There is no prescribed period of time you must be married in order to qualify for support.