Tough Situation Please Help-cant find an attorney that knows


I am in a tough situation. I bought a modular when I was 17 years old under my moms name only. I lived in it for about 1 year and own my own land, meet my spouse married 2 years later. Decided to move my house to his land put the modular on a permenant foundation, sold my land and have lived there for 6+years. Tricking thing is the land was deeded to my spouse from father no money involved. The house was never changed over from my mothers name. My husband wants to settle by letting me stay on the land until our child is 18. I am right in the middle of all his family and do not want to live there with no privacy to move on with my life. We have cleared about 6 acres and done at least 20 thousand in improvements. Before putting my house on the property it was only valued at 18k but by tax records show it is now valued at 170k. Do I have to settle for staying where we moved my house to or can it all be part of the ED because of us making the house permenat does that matter. Or is it possible to get him to purchase something similar to what we have now and move me since he walked out and left.


Based on the facts you list I would say that the value of the home is in large part marital, though you do still arguably have a separate interest (the value of the home at the time of the marriage).