Transfer of house to ex-spouse

my exwife and I co-own a house that was to be sold per our separation agreement. i am responsible for all payments until it is sold. Neither of us live in the hosue at this time. I am tired of making house payments and it is causing a hardship. How can she legally and QUICKLY take title to the house and leave me no longer legally or financially responsible. We are in agreement in transferring the title to her name but have been told that assumption of mortgage or refinancing both take 6 months. Either the house must be off the market for 6 months or she must live in it for 6 months before we can do this. Also, I was told it would have to be taken off the market. We have had a number of lookers lately but no sale.

What is the quickest solution to this matter? Why cant I just simply sign the house over to her? Can this be done in an amendment to the separation agreement?

I am seriously in need in help and she is agreeable to help but this has to be done asap…

Thank you

She can take title at any time if you deed the home to her, but it is not the title to the house that is the burden, it is the mortgage which can take sometime to refinance. Changing your agreement will not speed up the bank’s process.