Tricked by my wife


How long has your wife lived in VA? Are you still technically in NC? If she hasn’t reached the 6 month resident requirement you can file for custody of your children in NC as long as you are still a resident of NC. File for custody before she does.


She recently moved from a home that I still live in and own to an apartment back in April.
So you are saying that I can get custody of my children because I have an established residency in NC?


I have found out from sources that the guy she is seeing is moving from VA to CA in one week. My wife now wants to move back to try to patch our marriage. I feel that she want to patch things up because her affair is going to end. The thing is, she will not admit she had an affair behind me when I have evidence from phone bills and her journal how emotiaonally connected she wants to be with this guy. It’s enough emotional connection that she moved away and rented an apartment.


Its up to you if you want to try to work things out with your wife, but if you dont and you want custody of your kids file a motion for custody ASAP.

As far as I know, as long as you are a resident of NC and the children have been living in NC as their permanent residence until just recently then NC would have jurisdiction over custody.

Good Luck.


Is it possible for me to press charges for AOA the person that she left our house for lives outside of state? Or do they have to live in state for me to file for AOA.


My wife recently moved to Northern VA in April for the whole family to live. She convinced me that it will be a great place for us because the cultural diversity and because the schools are good there for our children. Her move was rather quick and only took about 1 week when we talked about it. When I questioned her why did she rent the apartment so quickly, she said that she thought it was ok with both of us. After telling her that I never agreed to moving so quickly she got mad and said that we shold hae some time apart. About one week after the move, I dropped my children off at her place so we can start getting ready to sell our house.
A week after I dropped my children in VA I went to visit the family to see them. My little 6 years old girl wanted to play a harmless guessing game with me to try to guess who a person name banana was. I thought banana was a friend of my little girl in the new neighborhood until she told me that it was mommies friend that was a man coming over everyday. When I asked about this person to my wife, she pretended that she didn’t know his name and that no one was coming over to the apartment. The same day, I went through her journal and found out that she wanted a emotional and sexual connection with a new guy to obsessing over him. When asked about her journal, she responded saying it was about her ex-boyfriend and was written along time ago. Later on she admitted that it was about the guy that was coming over everyday and that she was drunk when she wrote it. Supposedly they never had any sexual contact, but the journal differs to that. On the journal she also writes how she is DRAGGING our children through all this so she can focus on this new person.
I recently hired a private detective to doing my own investigation and found alot of evidence of something going on in her area. I have found emails containing purchases of lengerie to lesbian activites with friends that is staying over at her place now. Also I have found phone bills where she’s been talking to this new guy everyday 2 month before her move.
My main concern is my children at this time. If I had known about her affair before hand, I would of never dropped them off with her and filed for separation. She has gone as far as not letting me talk to them or see them on a regular basis at this time now since we are fighting. My children tells me that they want to come back home to be here with me. I feel so guilty that I dropped them off at a place where their mother seems ok to show off her new boyfriend to them while I was being decieved. I feel that this can affect them emotionally in the long run remember all of this on why their mother moved to VA.
I have filed for separation and hired an attorney to help me out on getting my children back home. I would like some opinion and legal advice on the chances of getting my children back home to their loving father.