True Copy of All documents filed in Court


You can contact the Clerk of Court for the county that the action was filed in. If it is possible for you to go in person, bring anything you have that may indicate the case file number. Do not worry if you do not have that, the Clerk can search their computer database and help you find the case file number. Finally, the Clerk can help you locate the file and will allow you to make copies for a fee.

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Can you let me know how can I obtain a true copy of all documents which were filed for a particular case. I am a defendent in an alimony case and my wife has voluntarily dismissed the case with prejudice. I want to collect all the documentation which was filed by her towards this case. Can you please let me know what is the process to get it.

Would highly appreciate if you can let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thanks and Have a Great Day.