Typical alimony?


Does anyone have any general insights into how long, or even if, alimony would be paid in the case of a marriage lasting just a year or so?


USUALLY alimony last for 1/2 the length of the marriage. For a one year marriage, alimony may or may not even be awarded.


The “rule of thumb” is that alimony is awarded for half the length of any marriage less than 10 years. In a case of a marriage that has lasted only a few months, it will be difficult for a dependant spouse to plead a case for support.


What about marriages more than 10 years. Does half the length of the marriage rule of thumb still apply?


Again, it is just a rule of thumb, meaning it is not law, and there is no way of knowing the term of alimony ordered by a judge. In marriages longer than 10 years, there is more of a possibility the term would be extended.


does it matter whether it is a second marriage in setting alimony?


Nope. It depends on the factors. However, previous obligations may be considered such as alimony to another ex wife and child support for children born of a previous marriage. I reckon as long as the Court determines a supporting spouse can afford it, alimony can be paid to as many spouses as one racks up.


Momsdaughter iscorrect. All factors, including other obligations will be taken into account when the court considers what a proper award of alimony will be.