Undue hardship for college costs

I was divorced in 2009 and in the seperation agreement, I was required to pay support and half of college expenses. I am done with support but recently lost my job and my salary went downhill. I asked for a modification in June of their year and was granted. The court ordered my to pay $159 per month for 60 months. I have complied as always and then three months later, the ex states our son moved out of her house (3 miles from the school) and decided to move on campus without any notice or input from me. The ex has filed a new motion to double my payments in addition to pay immediately several thousand dollars for the additional expense. I have no means to pay any additional money and have a family to support. I make $21000 with a wife four additional children. This appears to be a way for her to simply bypass the order of the judge and hurt me More. Even if the judge ordered me to pay a gazillion dollars, I don’t have it to pay. How can the court order my payment plan then the ex to ask it be modified a few months later when nothing on my end has changed? The ex did not like the ruling in June, so this seems to simply be a way to get even. By the way, I live 800 miles away and have to lose work and borrow money just to get to the hearing. Can they just incur additional expenses without any input from Me?

If your child has reached the age of 18 or graduated from high school, and child support was set forth in a court order, you should no longer be required to pay. In North Carolina, a judge cannot order you to pay child support beyond the child reaching 18 or graduating from high school. Judge’s can’t order that you pay for college or continue to furnish child support through college.