College Expenses


I have an order that my ex is to pay child support until our child turns 18. There is no agreement to help with college. It is pretty evident that our child will be attending college (she is an A honor roll student in advanced placement classes and always has been).

Is it possible to get child support modified so that the ex has to continue support while the child is in college?

Also, when is the time to pursue that (when the child is like 16 or 17)?


If you have a contract with your ex in which he or she agreed to pay for college the courts will enforce it, however courts will not order that a spouse pay for college expenses, or support beyond the age of 18 ( or 20 if the child is still in high school and making satisfactory progress towards completion).


I’m right with you plsadvise. I have an honor student that will be a senior next year. I know he’ll get into college somewhere, but I don’t know about financing. If he doesn’t get some scholarship money, he may not be able to go to the college of his choice. Loans are a possibility, but that’s a lot of debt too. I can’t MAKE his Dad help, I can only HOPE that he will. As of now, his stance is that he can’t commit to helping. SOO…we are persuing this on our own.

I was very fortunate to be given a college education by my father. I only wish and hope I can do the same for my son. (and daughter once she is of age).


In our case, we have an honor roll student going to college this next year, however, my BF still can’t make any payments on his own student loans, much less afford to pay for the child’s college. The mother is insistent that he pay for the child’s college. But, despite her being shown the finances, despite his bankruptcy, she still insists that he makes enough money to pay her alimony, his own expenses, child support, health insurance, plus a full college ride. She has informed the children that she will get it out of him (words from the eldest’s mouth).

In our case, we’d love to be able to afford college for them all, but the reality is that there is no more money. For us, it’s not greed or meanness, but simple economics.