I have a question about college. My divorce agreement states that my ex has to pay half of all college expenses for our daughter. My question is, since he stops paying child support when she turns 18, when I fill out paperwork for financial aid at her perspective colleges, do I use just my income or do I have to show his as well? Using my income alone will qualify her for more financial support. I have full custody of my daughter and he will no longer be paying child support. Also, we currently alternate claiming her on our tax returns - since he is no longer paying child support and I will be her only supporter, will he still be able to claim her every other year as a dependent? Thanks for your assistance.

I do not know about the college loans. I would contact the FAFSA people or whoever is in charge of financial aid at the university for questions about that. I would say though that you would still alternate the child support exemption while the child is still a dependent. Until no one can/will claim her, you should continue rotating.

Thanks for the quick reply. So, even though he would no longer be paying child support - he can claim her as a dependent? I have sole custody of her and she lives with me. He lives in another state and hasn’t spoken to her for see her for over a year? It just seems like since he isn’t paying child support - she is not a dependent.


I can do some more research into this subject for you, but it may be simpler for you to contact either the IRS or a tax attorney and ask them.