End of Child Support Issues

Hi - My ex has to pay child support until she is 18 and she will be 18 in April of this year. Since he will no longer be paying child support and I have sole custody of her (she lives with me all year) can he still claim her as a deduction on his taxes? We have been alternating years in the past - I was wondering since he is no longer paying child support can he still claim her or do I get to claim her since I am totally supporting her.

Also, she is beginning college in the Fall. He is ordered to pay 1/2 of all college expenses. Can he claim his half of these expenses on his taxes and me claim half of them on mine or can only the person who uses her as a deduction claim college expenses?

Thanks so much for your help!

The custodial parent may claim the child on their income tax unless you two have an agreement to alternate until the child is no longer a dependent. On the other issue you should consult with your tax preparer.