Child Support Question

My ex has agreed to continue to pay child support for our daughter while she is still living at home and attending her first year of college. There are no college expenses as she is covered with financial aid. Next year she will be living on campus out of the area and he will no longer be paying child support for her.

My questions is… with the new laws regarding health coverage for kids through the age of 26. How does this affect child support if not at all?

We have 2 children so he will be paying child support for an additional 5 years for our son. My ex is claiming that if he has to continue to maintain her on his insurance, it should reduce the over all child support, even though he won’t be paying child support for her after this school year.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what your agreement says. If he is agreeing to pay support for her for an entire year after he is bound to do so, I would suggest you agree to allow him to account for the continued cost of insurance, either way you are getting more than your agreement provides for.