Never Married but need information re: college

My daughter’s father and I were never married.We lived together briefly for about a year until my daughter was a year old. After that we lived separately and I paid for all of her health insurance, dental insurance, medications, extra-curricular activities, and all other extras. When she graduated from high school, I paid for all of her application expenses to colleges, touring colleges, acceptance fees, her housing, her books, etc. Her father paid around $400/month however when she graduated from high school, he stopped everything. Now for her to go to college I have had to get a student loan, and pay for all of her expenses including her parking and spending money and other extracurricular activities. He pays nothing. However we did have a verbal agreement that he would help pay for all of her college expenses. But he now denies ever saying that and he refuses to pay anything. What rights do I have? I can’t afford to do this much longer but I believe it’s imperative that she continues her college education.

A child support obligation ends once the child turns 18 years-old and graduates from high school.

Now that your daughter is in college, and assuming she is 18 years-old or older, the father has no legal obligation to help pay for college. Anything he pays will be entirely voluntary.