Need help getting started

My husband and I were married for 19 years when he decided to leave in October 2011. Initially he said that he just needed time to think things through and we continued to communicated during this time. In December he returned to the home only to stay a few days now we don’t communicate about anything and I found out that when he left in October that it was for another woman who he went back to. I have received no support from him during this time and trying to talk to him about anything is almost impossible. We have a daughter who is 16 years old (turn 17 in march). I think he is trying to drag this out until she turns 18. I am certain he is responsible for supporting her. Is he obligated to her beyond her 18th birthday in terms of supporting her through college or insuring her?

I currently have the entire family covered on my insurance. Can he be made to cover our daughter? I have asked him for a legal seperation so that I can drop him from my insurance but he refuses. Also we have two cars which we financed jointly with me listed as the primary owner on both; one with an 800.00 payment and one with a 350.00 payment. I have asked him to exchange cars and give me the one with the 350.00 payment so that I can provide for my daughter since he is not supporting us. He refuses saying that he will only do it if he does have to pay support. How do I know if I am eligible for alimony and how do abandonment and adultery play into this?

Your situation is way more complicated than we can address on this forum. That said, he is likely liable for child support until she graduates high school, but he likely won’t be forced to help with college, and it would not be in your best interest to drop him from your insurance. You should consult with an attorney.