College tuition

On my sep agreement, it states I shall pay half of all college expenses including room and board, fees, etc. my son is going to UNCW this fall as a freshman and lives only 5 miles away with his mother. My ex, believe it or not, feels that since he will be living at home and not on campus, that I should pay her for room and board! she further stated that if I don’t pay her, she will have him live on campus to spite me and make me pay anyway. I have paid child support for 4 years and is stops in a couple of months when he graduates high school. I am going to assume I have no financial obligation to continue support for him and pay his mother room and board? This sounds like a continuation of child support?

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Let him go live on campus, you may be paying but so will she! And WITHOUT child support!

I am not an attorney but it also seems unreasonable that you would owe her for his room and board. Sounds like she wants a hand-out.

Thank you for that, and yes she is a money hungry termite…lol

I don’t think you have any obligation to pay her.

if the child is actually saving you money by living at home instead of on campus, I would think that maybe you should offer a token amount in the spirit of fairness. Not the whole amount you would spend on room and board, but something that recognizes that your ex will be paying extra for meals while your child is still in the home.

I agree, but that’s a policy that only works well when both parties have fairness in mind. For an ex-spouse whose focus is money – in their eyes nothing but everything will ever be enough.

I understand the token amount and it would be fine if all was fair. I pay 900/month child support for one child and have never missed a dime. She took me to court twice for paying two payments three days late. 5 hour drive one way to court only to have the Judge dismiss it and I did not have to pay for her attorney fees. She again took me to court for failing to pay a $25 medical bill that I did not notice on my email. Again, 5 hour drive just to have it dismissed. Regarding the “token” amount…walk a mile in my shoes.

Based on my question and your answer, her attorney wants to file and make me pay for "room and board: even though he lives at home. He claims under the UNCW tuition amounts, they have a calculated amount for living on campus as well as “living with parents”. Ironically, the actual tuition is half of the total, which means she has no actual out of pocket expense. Since her mortgage, utilies, taxes, etc do not not change whether he lives there or not, how can they claim it takes nearly $7,000 to pay for him living at home?