College Expenses for son

Our Separation Agreement states that each parent will share in the cost of college as we each can afford. Costs are defined as direct college costs and “all other life expenses”. Oldest son received financial aid based on mom’s income. Other than that I am the only parent that supports him, cash, cars & related expenses, books, medical/dental, insurance, computers etc. I added it up and my support is in excess of 10000 a year about half of which is cash. I make just over 6 figures but 10000 is a significant portion of disposable income. I pay child support on the 2 younger kids and have a family as well. Mom says she can’t afford to give anything and her contribution is the financial aid. He is now a junior. I am giving him all I can but am afraid he will have to take out a loan to help. His mom refuses and has contacted an attorney to get me to pay more.

Attorney has asked for my tax returns to determine what I can afford. She says she can’t afford anything and I suspect her returns show little income, but she is self employed. She lives in a pretty nice house, buys new cars, goes on vacation etc. Makes no sense to me. What is really the likelyhood that a judge will assess me more and let her off scott free?

The language in your agreement is ambiguous, but I do not think there is a high likelihood a judge will order you to pay more, while she continues to contribute nothing.

Concerning this college expense subject, I have been served a subpoena to produce my returns. I want to object if I can based on the fact that she has no basis for requesting them since my son is being completely supported. Is that worth my effort? Can she just get my returns any time she wants?

Though in my opinion she will not be successful in her quest to have you pay more for your son’s college and living expenses. She has the right to bring the claim against you because of the wording of the agreement, and therefore may seek documents from you and you must respond.