Kate young and college expenses

I was also married to a professional who makes more money than your ex. I don’t get anywhere near the amount of you do. Nothing is paid is for me. I got no health insurance, no homeowners insurance, and no lump payment of any kind. You get about 120,000 per year all told plus I see that you also work. For myself and my son, the judge "awarded" me 42,000 (alimony and child support). "WE" did save for the kid's college educations in UTMA Funds. The judge awarded complete and total control of this accounts to my ex. He can use these accounts for anything child related.......doesn't have to be college.......in other words, his "built in" child support if he wishes.....and there is nothing I can do about it. I have to pay 50% of all expenses for my son.......out of MY amount. I think you were treated fairly and certainly wish my situation had turned out similarly. Borrowing money for a college education is not a disgrace. The interest on these loans isn't much. And.......you can set some of your aside and hopefully, it will grow. Start now.