thanks. Your post meant alot. I just don’t think it is very fair to the young adult 18-21 who is working hard in college, not to have both parents contribute to their welfare. SHe goes to a prestigious college and works hard. Yes, she has a job, and has applied for scholarships, grants and loans. But, there are many expenses that she needs her parents to help with - clothes, medical insurance, uninsured med costs and if both parents were togther her family would pay for these. Now, just bc she turned 18, the parent who left the family (dad in this case) refuses to pay ANYTHING for his daughter. He should not be allowed to say he has a child who goes to this University. ANd it is not that he doesn’t have the means to pay - he is a medical professional - he certainly has the means but he is selfish.

I love my children and will support them whenever they need me - whether they are 18 or 48 and my chldren know this.

I will put the financial needs of my college children on my financial affavdavit and then put it into the hands of the judge.



I wish you the very best of luck! I mean that sincerely and I want you to know that! The judge in my case gave the ex full and complete control of the financial accounts of my children. He’s stealing money from my children to reimburse himself for trival expenses such as cell phone…money that I helped to save due to the frugal lifestyle he imposed upon me and I can do nothing about this! It breaks my heart. He uses the money in what he calls “benefit” of the children and then I have to turn around and pay him for half of the expenses. He makes off with my money and theirs. Surely, your situation will not result in anything quite this financially abusive. I have to have faith that no one’s situation will end up like mine. I am pulling for you to beat this son of a bitch.

I do not believe that your post was unreasonable concerning the expenses of an adult stepchild who lives with your ex. It is natural for a mother and the biological child to feel slighted if the ex is supporting “someone else and someone else’s children” in style. I know the feeling and so do my own children!

As far as expenses, you can list these but as the lawyer said, the Court is the final authority on “what is reasonable”…like the Court really knows what it takes for you to live! My ex listed astronomical expenses and the Court considered his expenses “reasonable” whereas my expenses were reduced by the Court by more than half and quite a bit less than I was awarded in PSS (same judge) and were nowhere near what the ex listed! Yet, he needs so much more and the Court made sure he got it and then some! His house payment is more than I receive monthly in alimony! Good luck and don’t let what anyone else says bother you.